All INHS homes and apartments are designed and built to high standards; INHS strives to create housing that is affordable and attractive. While we are proud of the appearance of our homes, there is much more to INHS’s homes than meets the eye.

We think about sustainable building and communities all the time – every project starts out with those goals in mind. INHS uses smart growth principles to guide development to locations close to workplaces, services, and transportation. And INHS build homes that among the most efficient in the country.

INHS is a national real estate development leader in green building. In fact, INHS is one of the developers that helped to create the LEED for Homes building standard, the leading national residential green standard.

From the beginning, sustainability has been part of our building process and our culture. INHS started out by “recycling” homes that were more than 100 years old. The lessons learned doing that taught us that buildings last a very long time and that the better the building was built the better it holds up over time. So INHS builds every home and apartment as if we were going to live in it, own it, and maintain it – forever.

The building industry (and INHS) has learned the hard way that building energy efficient homes incorrectly can create problems. INHS has learned not to be an early adopter of new technology and to design homes carefully. So INHS has a construction philosophy:

Build safe affordable housing using conventional, commonly available and tested materials in careful, science-based ways to balance affordability with longevity and sustainability.

To meet this goal and to build great, long lasting homes, the devil lies in the details. The little details are everything when you want to build an energy efficient and healthy home. To juggle all of the priorities and to make sure that our homes are the best, INHS certifies its homes with three national programs:

  • Energy Star – for homes that are energy efficient and comfort
  • Indoor AirPlus – for homes that are healthy to live in
  • LEED for Homes – for homes that are good for you, the community, and the planet