Rental Preservation Project

The INHS Scattered Site Rental Preservation project involves the rehabilitation of 98 residential units in 44 buildings on 17 tax parcels located in the City of Ithaca.  These units – named ICA or Ithaca City Apartments – make up the majority of the scattered site rental portfolio acquired by INHS over the past 30 years. INHS is proposing the refinancing and renovation of the portfolio using grants and loans. None of these sources are federal. Approximately 80% of the current tenants in these units have incomes below 60% AMI and 20% have incomes between 60% and 90% AMI; this income mix will be retained post-rehab. Each building will be renovated based on needs for roofs, windows, insulation, siding, kitchens, baths, carpeting, flooring, heating systems, and cosmetics. A limited time of temporary relocation will be required. 

Relocation Specifics: INHS is committed to limiting temporary relocation as much as possible and not permanently relocating any tenants if possible.  The majority of residents will be required to spend the day out of their apartment while active renovation is under way and will be allowed to return at night.  The General Contractor and/or hired movers will be responsible for moving these tenants’ furniture and belongings to ensure that they are not damaged or in the way of construction. Most units will need all items removed and in these cases, temporary storage containers will be provided. INHS Relocation Staff will be responsible for helping tenants prepare their apartments and belongings for relocation including boxing items. In some instances, tenants will need to stay at a hotel until construction is complete.

Tenants who must vacate their units during the day will have the option of using one of three INHS day lodges. The day lodges will be furnished with: sofa, television, lamp, dinette table, and chairs.  The day lodges will also be stocked with light snacks and beverages.  The bathrooms and kitchens will also be stocked with paper and cleaning products.

There are several buildings which are undergoing substantial renovation and will require tenants to vacate their units for thirty to sixty days.  These tenants will be temporarily relocated to other INHS apartments until work is complete, at which point they will be moved back into their apartment. 

A contract will be established with a neighboring hotel to provide rooms and services related to lodging (food & phone) as an alternative to the day lodges for tenants who for a variety of reasons may not be able to live in their apartment during renovations. INHS will cover the cost of the hotel and transportation.

Where We Are: These are the scattered site rental properties we own. 


Project Contacts: Kim Fezza, Senior Property Manager;  Ann DiPetta, Relocation Specialist, 607-342-0637

Construction Schedule: We will provide updates here on an ongoing basis.