How to Rent with INHS

To apply for an apartment you’ll need the following:

  • Completed application
  • Photo identification

Steps for applying to become a tenant:

    1. Complete our Rental Application (you can type your info into the fields of this PDF application and then print and sign it).

      If you are submitting an application for Pine View Circle, please complete the Pine View Circle Application.

      Note: Once you open the PDF page this page will be on the tab to the left if you need to return here.

    2. Mail, drop off or upload the completed forms to INHS with photocopies of your required identification. (If dropping off, we can make the photocopies for you.)
    3. When submitting your application, you will meet briefly with one of our Property Management staff to review the application and obtain any additional documentation that might be required. We will discuss the next steps to determine your eligibility

What’s involved in processing your application?

Processing your applications will take two to ten business days depending on the completeness of the information provided. These are the steps we take in that process:

  1. We will run a criminal background check.
  2. We will run a credit check to review your credit history. A larger security deposit or an employer reference may be requested if deemed necessary.
  3. We will conduct an internal income verification review to see if you have a stable and sufficient source of income or subsidy.
  4. We will contact the most recent landlord references from places where you have lived for a year or more. If you have a limited rental history, we may require a credible lease co-signer.