Small Home Repairs

We want you as a homeowner to feel safe, secure, and comfortable in your own home – and to live independently for as long as possible. INHS provides professional quality, timely repairs to help seniors and those with disabilities to maintain their homes. 

How It Works

Homeowners throughout Tompkins County 60 years and older
Homeowners with disabilities of any age 

Clients pay only the cost of materials. Skilled labor is provided at no cost. Depending on availability of funding, we may be able to help clients finance the purchases of materials.

Types of repairs:
Repairs related to health and safety are a top priority. Typical repairs include fixing or replacing deteriorated steps, improving lighting, alleviating trip hazards, adding handrails and grab bars, fixing leaky faucets, replacing broken windows, and installing wheelchair ramps.

This program is not designed to alleviate emergencies or for housing rehabilitation.  Examples of work we cannot provide area: heating systems, most electrical, and all roofing work cannot be done under this program. We will help find alternative solutions if a homeowner needs repairs that are outside the scope of the program.

Please contact Christine Carreiro for additional information.

Funding is generously provided by:
The IURA (Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency)
NYS Office for the Aging, through the Tompkins County Office for the Aging
United Way of Tompkins County
Tompkins County
Private Donations