Real Estate Development

Since the 1980s, Tompkins County has grown substantially, creating strong demand for new housing. Affordable housing has become a regional problem. As the housing problems have changed so has INHS, leading us to develop affordable housing in different ways.

In the last 10 years, to respond to the expanded demand, INHS has developed hundreds of apartments in apartment complexes (both in and outside of the city) and a six-story downtown apartment building. INHS also started building new for-sale homes and formed a Community Housing Trust for permanent affordability for our for-sale homes.

And we aren’t just building for to fix a short term problem, we’re building housing that will last and remain permanently affordable. We are dedicated to sustainable housing; from the beginning, sustainability has been part of our building process and our culture. Our homes and apartments are physically and economically sustainable and will benefit many generations of homeowners and renters.

INHS has become a national leader in the affordable housing field by developing creative solutions to complex problems. Our long term approach continues to help Ithaca and the surrounding region improve its housing stock without creating a real estate bubble.

The INHS development team hires private contractors to build all of its housing. This creates jobs and strengthens the local economy by expanding economic activity and increasing the tax base.

From its earliest years, INHS has understood the difference between putting a Band-Aid on a problem and making long term investments that address community problems. The investments that INHS has made in producing high quality housing, well-educated consumers, and a strong organization have created lasting measurable results.

After 40 years we are only getting started. You can be assured that INHS will be around and remain committed to developing affordable housing for present and future generations.

INHS Projects Soon for Sale or Rent

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