Customer Stories

  • Kay and Holly Mistlebauer

    Kay and Holly have been INHS tenants since 1997. [...] Show more +

  • Veronica

    Veronica loves her newly lowered sink that allows her to sit to wash her dishes! [...] Show more +

  • Ronald & Marianne Krieg

    We're very happy with all the work. INHS is a top notch place. [...] Show more +

  • Casey Benson

    I bought my home in 2014 with the help of INHS. I always wanted to own a home but when the right house came on the market at the right price I felt overwhelmed and scared. [...] Show more +

  • Genie Hurme

    The move from renter to homeowner is not as simple as it seems. You really need to know about taxes, insurance, and how to keep up your home to make sure your investment is protected. [...] Show more +

  • Rik & Marc

    Everyone at INHS was so pleasant, knowledgeable, and encouraging. We will continue to work with and recommend your organization in the future. [...] Show more +

  • Sonya Hicks

    INHS was able to help Sonya be safe and secure with a new roof, insulation, furnace, foundation work, and paint. [...] Show more +

  • Culpepper Family

    Buying a house is complicated and daunting, but INHS helped navigate us through the process. [...] Show more +

  • Amy, Dave, and Rita Salce

    The Salces needed a septic repair and energy efficiency upgrades. [...] Show more +

  • Dick Fielding

    Dick has been a tenant with INHS since 1998. [...] Show more +

  • Robert Coughlin

    Robert appreciates the quick response of the maintenance team. [...] Show more +

  • Phoebe Brown

    Phoebe appreciates the time and interest INHS takes to understand the housing issues in our community. [...] Show more +

  • Peter and Evelyn Alexander

    We have a new roof and seamless gutters all funded through INHS. [...] Show more +

  • Rosean McGrady and Frank Leahy

    The professionals at INHS visited our home and identified our needs. They listened to our concerns and came up with a plan of action. [...] Show more +

  • Monique and Ramon Pineda

    With down payment assistance from INHS, we knew what we could afford and were able to find a house two weeks after we finished Home Buyer U! [...] Show more +

  • Roman and Nataliya

    Roman and Nataliya are Ukrainian immigrants who came to the U.S. for a better life. Initially, they could only afford to live in a trailer with their four children. [...] Show more +

  • Hank and Jane

    Jane and Hank had watched their older home deteriorate faster than they could keep up with repairs for 17 years – until Jane saw an article about INHS expanding their programs to all of Tompkins County. [...] Show more +

  • Natasha

    For years, Natasha looked to INHS for help with routine maintenance such as cleaning her gutters each fall or fixing a leaky toilet... “anything I needed repaired,” as she put it. [...] Show more +