Customer Stories

  • Kay and Holly Mistlebauer

    Kay and Holly have been INHS tenants since 1997. [...] Show more +

  • Veronica

    Veronica loves her newly lowered sink that allows her to sit to wash her dishes! [...] Show more +

  • Ronald & Marianne Krieg

    We're very happy with all the work. INHS is a top notch place. [...] Show more +

  • Rik & Marc

    Everyone at INHS was so pleasant, knowledgeable, and encouraging. We will continue to work with and recommend your organization in the future. [...] Show more +

  • Sonya Hicks

    INHS was able to help Sonya be safe and secure with a new roof, insulation, furnace, foundation work, and paint. [...] Show more +

  • Culpepper Family

    Buying a house is complicated and daunting, but INHS helped navigate us through the process. [...] Show more +

  • Amy, Dave, and Rita Salce

    The Salces needed a septic repair and energy efficiency upgrades. [...] Show more +

  • Dick Fielding

    Dick has been a tenant with INHS since 1998. [...] Show more +

  • Robert Coughlin

    Robert appreciates the quick response of the maintenance team. [...] Show more +

  • Phoebe Brown

    Phoebe appreciates the time and interest INHS takes to understand the housing issues in our community. [...] Show more +

  • Peter and Evelyn Alexander

    We have a new roof and seamless gutters all funded through INHS. [...] Show more +

  • Rosean McGrady and Frank Leahy

    The professionals at INHS visited our home and identified our needs. They listened to our concerns and came up with a plan of action. [...] Show more +

  • Monique and Ramon Pineda

    With down payment assistance from INHS, we knew what we could afford and were able to find a house two weeks after we finished Home Buyer U! [...] Show more +

  • Roman and Nataliya

    Roman and Nataliya are Ukrainian immigrants who came to the U.S. for a better life. Initially, they could only afford to live in a trailer with their four children. [...] Show more +

  • Hank and Jane

    Jane and Hank had watched their older home deteriorate faster than they could keep up with repairs for 17 years – until Jane saw an article about INHS expanding their programs to all of Tompkins County. [...] Show more +

  • Natasha

    For years, Natasha looked to INHS for help with routine maintenance such as cleaning her gutters each fall or fixing a leaky toilet... “anything I needed repaired,” as she put it. [...] Show more +

  • Patrick

    Patrick was on his own at age 18 and got into trouble with the law when he was 21. He heard about INHS in a day-reporting program and, with INHS’s assistance, bought a home in 2011. [...] Show more +